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Hey there shop owner/buyer/helper/awesome good-looking human! Welcome to the Wheelhouse, I can't wait to work with you and make beautiful things for your shop! It's real fun around here, but to keep things running smoothly there's some rules we all need to play by, and a few things to understand about how Wheelhouse operates.

Quantity + Minimum Order

Swear mugs are now only available to order in multiples of 20 (20, 40, 60, etc.) our shipping boxes fit exactly 20, so this change has been implemented to eliminate material waste and streamline the process.


For all other products, minimum wholesale order is 10 of one item type. Any orders of less than 10 per item type will be charged at the suggested retail price.


A non-refundable deposit of 50% of any wholesale order is

to be paid up front once I get started on your order. The remaining 50% is to be paid once the order is ready to ship.


Why a deposit? Because every single item it made by hand to order, if that time is going to be invested, I need to know that you mean business, baby.


Wheelhouse Studio does not offer any products
on consignment.

Are You Done Yet?

Your order is coming! I’ll get it to you as soon as possible and will keep you posted!

Sometimes things outside of my control happen (kiln breakdowns, glaze contamination, cracking, etc) if/ when these things happen it may delay your order, but I’ll keep you in the loop with that’s going on and provide a revised expected completion date.

That Looks... Different.

I have high standards for quality but please note that each item in your order will differ slightly in shape, size, and/or colour.


These variations are a natural result from deciding to purchase handmade items. I feel that these variations are what make handmade items unique and awesome.


Shipping of all Canadian wholesale orders will be charged a flat rate of $30/box (swear mugs are shipped 20 per box).

Order Queue

Once an order is placed, I'll get you into the queue and let you know when I expect to be able to start on your order and have it completed. The deposit invoice will not be sent until I actually get started on your order.


It takes approx. 3-5 weeks to complete an order once it has been started (depending on quantity). Shoot me a quick email for the current delivery dates I am booking for are as it changes often!

Pay the Lady

Invoices are payable by credit card or e-transfer. The remaining 50% of your invoice is due once your order is ready to ship. Orders do not ship until invoices have been paid in full. Due to limited space and capacity, once orders are ready to ship you will receive notification and have one week to complete payment.  After one week, if payment has not been received then the order is cancelled, and items forfeited if other arrangements have not been previously agreed on. 

International Orders - U.S. Only

Hi U.S. friends, I’m waving to you but you probably can’t see me from all the way up here! I’m so excited to announce that Wheelhouse products are now available to order from across the border!

Because the world of exporting is scary and complicated and I really don’t want to end up in jail because of pottery (ha!), there are a few rules we need to stick to for international orders. All international orders are limited to 20 mugs per order. You are welcome to place multiple orders of 20 but they will be shipped and invoiced as separate orders.

All orders are invoiced in CAD.

Unfortunately I can't offer flat rate shipping on U.S. orders. Shipping cost will be added to your final invoice. All other wholesale rules (deposit, payment, materials fee, and order queue) apply.



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Swear Mug pottery ceramics  made in canada handmade wheelhouse studio welcometothewheelhouse prince george


Hello, friends!

I'm Erica (-E) and I'm the one who makes all the things you see here, from start to ship! In my experience, a big part of the magic of purchasing handmade items is the connection to the maker. I could tell you a bunch of boring facts about myself but that's kinda lame, right? I'd rather show you. Get to know me (and my sidekicks -G, queen of cattitude, and -N the drama queen) by following along on Instagram where I stumble around and talk to the people in my phone, show you the unapologetic realities (fails, sales, and everything in-between) of my life as a part-time maker and full-time human.

Swear Mug pottery ceramics  made in canada handmade wheelhouse studio welcometothewheelhouse prince george
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