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Porcelain. Hand Stamped.
Crowd Favourite.
Best Seller.
The OG Handleless & Scandalous.

I get a LOT of emails, messages, texts, and people stopping me at the grocery store to ask about swear mugs. So, I've compiled all your most asked questions. Here are the fucking answers.

Can I pleeeeeease have a custom swear mug made?

No. You can't. I don't do that. I'm open to suggestions, but for the most part, I do not do custom sayings for swear mugs (unless I think it’s really fucking awesome, then I might do it).

Where can I get my grubby paws on a few mugs?

Well, they sell out pretty quickly so I can't guarantee anything, but there are a handful of lovely retail partners around Canada that may have some in stock. Check them out here.

Do you have *insert favourite mug saying here* in stock?

I'm very sorry, but no, probably not. I literally can't make them fast enough. Follow along on Instagram to find out when and where the next batch will be available.

I live in *insert random town here* where can I get a mug or two?

Check here to see if you're nearby one of the retail partners! If not, I occasionally open up the online shop. Find out when the next shop opening is here.

Can I pre-order your mugs?

Yes! (Most of the time) Wheelhouse Studio is a side business for me, and while it's still tons of fun, swear mugs have turned it into something much bigger than I could have expected. I'm at my full-time day job during the week and make make make like crazy every other hour to fill retail orders and build stock!


Head on over to my shop page for details on my pre-order system! 

How the fuck are these made?

You can read the swear mug story here.

I own a shop and would love to sell your mugs, how do I become a retail partner?

​Nice! Check out the wholesale page then shoot me an email, I'd love to chat!

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