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When a regular fucking mug just won’t do

Starting as a little ball of porcelain clay, this mug was weighed, wedged, shaped on the potter’s wheel, slowly dried, then trimmed up into the classic swear mug shape.


Before it took a little dunk into a big bucket of glaze, it was given its very own personality. I crank the tunes and get to work hand-stamping each saying. Letter by letter, by letter.


Then it’s time to get a little fired up. I cross my fingers, do a little dance, and send them through two rounds in a 2,000+ degree kiln we call big Nelly (cause ya know, it gets hot in there).


Some of them can’t quite take the heat, but the ones that make it get gently sanded and tested to make sure it’s safe for your favourite drink - coffee, tea, wine, or whiskey - depending on the day you’re having.


Next it gets packaged up and ready to go to it’s new forever home!


Hand Stamped.
Crowd Favourite.
Best Seller.
The OG Handleless

& Scandalous.

This mug has gone through a lot, so let’s show it some muggerfucking love!



Hello, friends!

I'm Erica (-E) and I'm the one who makes all the things you see here, from start to ship! In my experience, a big part of the magic of purchasing handmade items is the connection to the maker. I could tell you a bunch of boring facts about myself but that's kinda lame, right? I'd rather show you. Get to know me (and my sidekicks -G, queen of cattitude, and -N the drama queen) by following along on Instagram where I stumble around and talk to the people in my phone, show you the unapologetic realities (fails, sales, and everything in-between) of my life as a part-time maker and full-time human.


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